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2017 Clinic & Lesson Schedule   
August - September 
Flying H Stables; specializes and excels in teaching beginner riders and those newly interested in horses; specific techniques to improve handler   safety, understanding of horse behavior, and skills to improve their relationships and communication with horses.

It is important that our customers feel comfortable to ask questions and all lessons/clinics are privately held here at the Stables.  
Groups are limited to 5 and there are 2 instructors; to provide each customer with our full attention.   
Goals for our customers are to allow them to learn at their own pace, while smiling!

We offer lessons and clinics only a few times a year; and the lessons are for those without a horse and some may be offered for those with a horse of their own. Our teaching methods are based on 20 + years of hands-on working ranching horse experience; handling both horses and cattle.  

Subjects that may be covered: Safety, Horse Health, Grooming, Tack Questions/Tack Safety/Tack How-To's and Why's, Riding with Seat and Legs, Neck Reining, Horse Lunging Effective Techniques for Respect and for Warm up; Pre-ride Routine/Post-Ride Routine, Grooming/Bathing, Tips for Trailering/Tying/Leading ect... 
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Fall 2017 :  Introduction to Horses and Horse Care for Beginners   

Adults Only Horsemanship  Lessons:                                               45 minutes:                                        Cost:      $  20/per person                
 Parent with 1 Child Beginner Horsemanship Lesson:           30-45 minutes                                Cost:     $  15/per child        
                                                                                                                                                                                                               CASH PAYMENT ONLY 
Subjects that may be covered in Lesson: 
Learn all about safety and correct basic horse handling skills, while gaining knowledge about horses and their health care needs. 
This is a great introductory lesson environment to ask questions and get more comfortable around horses and learn what items you may need to purchase when you get a horse for the first time.   You will be shown and have help learning the basics of horse care, grooming, haltering and leading, and hoof care.  Adults may learn proper lunging techniques and more if they would like to.  

Fees are due upon arrival for  Lesson. Wear Boots and Jeans (No exceptions). 
No Dogs allowed on property (do not bring dogs in your vehicle!) 
No Smoking, No videos, No guests - only lesson participants please. 
(Grandparents or Parents that want to watch their children or grand children lessons are permitted and welcomed) 
*Mandatory *  1 Parent must be present with any  child under 18 years of Age.   

***Experienced Lesson Horses are provided by Flying H Stables***Do not haul in your horse***
Waivers must be signed by Adult or Legal Guardian before participation.  

** Horsemanship Lessons Available at this Time only. (See Above)  -  Beginner Riding Lessons have not yet been scheduled.***
Introduction to Specialized Lesson/Clinic Program: